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A001 Automatic Watering Timer - Ball Valve



  1. Garden watering made 100% labor-FREE. No more worry when you are away from home for few days up to months. 

  2. Excellent partnership with Misting System to make it automatically create mist effect water droplet at particular time, thus save water bill.  Again, no need labor for operation. Fully automatic.

  3. Agricultural use, plantation, chili farm, mushroom farm, bean sprout cultivation, critical fertigation system part


  1. Fully Automatic and supporting 8 times watering capability.

  2. Flexible in setting watering time based on your needs. It can be set daily,  alternate day, 3 days once, particular day of the week or better still, everyday.

  3. It is designed for Indoor or outdoor use. For outdoor use, it comes with NON TRANSPARENT screw cover.


Description of the Timer:

  1. New Features:

    • Low battery Indicator (Blinking Amber LED)

    • Internal Filter (to block debris)

    • Keypad Lock Function

    • 5 Easy Steps Programming

  2. Timer Type: Digital

  3. Protection: Water Proof Irrigation Controller

  4. Waterproof: Yes

  5. Suitable for Installation: Outdoor or Indoor

  6. Watering Capability:

    1. Daily Watering Program (8 times watering per day)

    2. Weekly Watering Program

    3. Alternate Day Watering Program

    4. Duration of watering is displayed on screen.



  1. Water Tap Connection

  2. LCD display

  3. Controls keys

  4. Battery Compartment

  5. Screw Cover (non transparent)


Technical Spec:

  1. Water pressure: Support Up to 6 bar water pressure.


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