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+   A Complete Garden Sprinkler System That Functions Without Electricity. (Bring 100% safe house environment)
+   Save Labor, 40%-80% Water Saving Nozzles And Equipments, Fully Automatic System.
+   It Has Independent Zone Control Capability. (Easy for maintenance and control)
+   A System Designed For Indoor As Well As Outdoor Installation.
+   All Irrigation Parts Are Waterproof .
+   A System That Does Not Require Any Water Pump To Function.

+   Hydromate Products Are Strictly Manufactured under ISO9001:2008 Certificate Of Quality Management System


Services 1. Supply & Installation


Supply & Installation For The Following:-
+ Automatic Garden Pop Up Sprinkler System 
+ Automatic Drip Irrigation System for flower pots, planterboxes.
+ Automatic Garden scrub/hedge Microsprinkler/Spray Jet Solution
+ Automatic Fogging/Misting System 
+ Automatic Orchid Shed Misting System Supply 
+ Automatic Roof Top Cooling Misting System for Patio/Roof


Services 2. Regular Irrigation System Maintenance 


Garden Automatic Sprinkler System (pop up sprinkler) maintenance in order to have hassle free system. We provide full maintenance model (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)


Services 3. Irrigation System Repair Work


Troubleshooting and repair  of the  defective parts as  well as replacement of the defective parts.

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