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HYDROMATE - Company Profile


HYDROMATE Automatic Watering Solutions started off with innovation in designing watering system for vertical landscape which is driven by automation back in 2005. The company subsequently invested design effort in drip system and garden sprinkler system which is focusing on water saving nozzles to help better usage of water, promoting a greener environment for tomorrow.  


Today, HYDROMATE evolves to  develop, manufacture and retail multiple ranges of Automatic Irrigation products to transform legacy lifestyle to an easier, zero touch plants watering solutions. The company also distributes products to all landscapers, gardeners, and  direct end users throughout Malaysia, Singapore and other countries in the region. 


HYDROMATE has a solid goal to provide cost effective  watering solution and yet bring automation ideas in watering plants, lawn without any labor needed. This has driven a better customer support and product ranges that serve customers needs, reduce water usage while saving  labor.


HYDROMATE also has strong interest to partner with companies in promoting greener environment where water saving is key to align to the companys vision. 


HYDROMATE system brings new technology to landscape architects to cover horizontal and vertical where roof top flower bed and hanging basket watering is no longer a problem to home users. This is a breakthrough to help landscape architect in designing award-winning garden.


In recent years, the company has evolves in both product development as well as providing full installation services for local market by offering complete DESIGN and BUILD. Our DIY packages range from the most basic  balcony flower pots watering kit for apartment, condominium balcony. A larger system involves commercial, park and hotels. 


HYDROMATE Products are available in MALAYSIA , SINGAPORE and OTHER COUNTRIES in the region.



HYDROMATE - MALAYSIA (A System That Is Designed For Local Weather Condition)


2005: Developed Adjustable Drip Nozzles to cater for full flexibility of the complete system. With Adjustable nozzle, each individual point will act as a control point. This is end -line drip nozzle with adjustable function on flow rate. With this, each flower pot can be rest assured to have received the right amount of water without haiving the issue of overwatering.


2006: Developed Balcony Tank System which is to cater for balcony or area without water source. The tank system has then become popular for home vegetable growers as the system can easily be turned into Fertigation Kit for home garden vegetable growing experience.  


2007: Garden pop up sprinkler with flexi-adjust arc nozzle (25 deg - 360 deg) introduced  to the market. The system is buried underground to add beauty of the garden. The system has been designed to have zone after zone watering capability. 


2008: Garden Misting System introduced to the market . This has been well received by hobbyist especially  targeting hanging basket plants and orchid shed.


2009: Introduced emitter that can take pressure and deliver equal flow rate for each nozzle in the same watering zone. This resolves the common issue of having lack of pressure at the very last end of the watering line. 


2010 - NOW: More and more irrigation parts have been introduced to bring more cost effective, greater design and water saving solutions to the market.



HYDROMATE continues to develop new product ranges for tropical countries garden needs. Today, the automatic system has been widely used for potted plants, planter boxes by window, lawn, hanging baskets, vertical garden structure and many more.


From 2005 until NOW, we have been making a lot of garden plants watering breakthrough design and ideas which entirely designed and build for TROPICAL COUNTRIES weather condition of high humidy, extremely hot daytime and high degree of rainfall throughout the year. The following captured a few:-


  1. Innovate and make every flower pot having the right amount of water everytime watering takes place. 

  2. Break the conventional watering method of applying multiple water booster pump for a large area, replaced by HYDROMATE Digital Outdoor Watering Controller that allows zone by zone watering capability. 

  3. Mitigated low pressure household by having low pressure emitter.

  4. HYDROMATE system can work without Booster Pump. We help to save costs and space.

  5. Introduced flexi-hose with 13mm diameter to allow larger flow of water to transport to a larger area.  Hence, able to fulfil most of the drip and microsprinkler system needs for household and commercial .




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