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Sanitizing Misting System - To Keep Yourself Safe


Application: Sanitizing Solution which can be installed at the entrance of Shopping Mall, Hospital, Police Station, Bamba Station, College Building and Private Company Buildings.

Sanitizing Misting System Application Mist Solution

System Descriptions: KRM Cooling Misting system DIY Set is a complete package that contains all necessary parts for you to build sanitizing mist system your premise or entrance of a building. This system is designed for DIY and it comes with all the parts you need to setup the system. Also, the flexibility of pulling the flexible pipe makes the system is very easy to install and durable

Applications: Sanitizing misting system.

Benefit: Easy to Setup

System Components Include:
1. Main pipe (15m)
2. T joint for main pipe (1)
3. Adaptor for main pipe (1)
4. Main pipe end cap (2)
5. Timer adaptor (1)
6. Misting nozzle (20)
7. Joint for nozzle to pipe (20)
8. Manual Valve (1)
9. 1/2"x1/2"x1/2" T Joint (1)
10. 1/2"x1/2" Nipple (2)
11. PTFE Tape (2)

NOTE: Pls contact us for more information:

Contact/Whatsapp: 0124312972
Company: Hydromate Irrigation Malaysia



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