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Hydromate Portfolio

Our Projects 

Along the years, we have enabled Automatic Irrigation System for many residential houses, ranging from condominium, terrace to bungalow houses. We have also engaged in commercial projects. We hope to bring some samples of our work for your reference. 

Free Consultation 

HYDROMATE extends the offer to provide FREE CONSULTATION to interested customers or installation of the automatic waterng system. Please refer to the "Contact" section for more information.

Project Coverage Location/Area

Selangor   .   KL   .   Putrajaya   .   Cyberjaya    .   Ipoh   .   Penang   .   Alma   .   Sebarang Prai   .   Butterworth   .    Bukit Mertajam   .    Kulim

Hydromate Pop Up Sprinkler 

The popular Hydromate SPF1 Pop Up Sprinkler comes with 2 years warranty. Hydromate sprinkler has full flexibility to cover any angle of spray, may it be 45 degree, 90 degree, 110 degree up to 360 degree spray. This sprinkler designer has a hassle-free design mideset to allow the sprinkler to adopt to any shape of the garden you intend to install. This sprinkler can cover 3.5m to 4m radius in spray.

Hydromate Orchid Misting System

Designed for orchid, Hydromate orchid misting is revolutionalized to make it suitable for orchid watering and to deliver the amount of moisture and droplet that well accepted by Orchid plants. Not too less or too much. Just right for the orchid. The Hydromate orchid plants misting nozzle has become a must have item for orchid plant lovers.

Hydromate Microsprinkler System

Hydromate Microsprinkler system is designed for flower bed and area that is requiring smaller spray than pop up sprinkler system can cover. It has a spray coverage of 1m to 2m diameter coverage. Very often, it is installed at long flower bed, shrub and hedges to cover the most plants possible.

Hydromate Water Timer 

Designed and Tested with local weather, the imported controller/timer has been used by thousands of homeowners and proven the best controller that can deliver the daily watering job for you without you having to worry about the plants, reliability of the product. This is because Hydromate Irrigation has incorporated the local weather endurance component in the controller for it to last under local weather. With this innovation, the timer has now evolve to serve many homeowners and resolve the daily watering chores.

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