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SPR1 Pop Up Sprinkler - Rotating Spray


General Features: 

  1. With fortified synthetic plastic and special-deal stainless steel,  this product has high intensity and can resist chemical cauterization.

  2. Excellent nozzle design, uniform spray and slinky.

  3. Rise-low pole have a lot of advantage in high grass area. Automatically clean up feculence in rise-low pole.

  4. Keep on credible working in atrocious environment.



  1. Adjusting angle is easy, range from 45°to 360°.

  2. Spray-distance screw can decrease 30% Spray distance and increase pulverization.

  3. Bottom inlet: ¾    female NPT thread

  4. Pop-up Height: 12.7cm

  5. Total Height: 19cm


Operating Specifications:

  1. Flow Rate: 0.11  2.25m³/h

  2. Working pressure range: 170 to 450 KPa

  3. Angle Adjust range: 45°to 360°

  4. Default Nozzle: #2.5

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