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Installation & Maintenance Service

HYDROMATE has a team of professioanal that major in designing the sprinkler system as well as carrying out the installation onsite. We uses our landscape building knowledge to make way for underground piping and compact the ground like before the installation. 


HYDROMATE uses special computer program to design the system for sprinkler placement optimization purpose. This directly bring cost saving to end users and allow us to do a better estimation in cost during the RFQ process.


On Maintenance of the system, we provide maintenance services to keep your system in working condition. We will check your system quarterly to perform a thorough check, cleaning the filters and service the timer and pop-up sprinklers. Any malfunctioning parts will be replaced without any additional charges for either parts or labour.

2 Years Product Warranty

HYDROMATE offers 2 YEAR warranty for SPF1 Pop Up Sprinkler product. The warranty covers manufacturing defect with 1 to 1 exchange during the Warranty Period. We value our customers and doing our best to help maintain our customers' garden without having the hassle to troubleshoot any malfunction units.

Estimating Budget For The Installation

We can offer FREE Consultation for the system installation. 


We will need few fundamental information from you for us to proceed with the cost estimation:-

  • Home garden layout plan with measurement.

  • Location of water supply

  • Water source pressure


Upon receiving the needed information, our designer will work out a design and we will call you to explain the system design and how it works. All at ZERO cost to you. 


HYDROMATE is also able to customize the design based on your budget allocation for the sprinkler system and your priority of watering under budget constraint situation.  

DIY Install Guide

Should you need any assistance in getting a DIY Install Guide, do talk to us directly or send us an email for the DIY Package that you have purchased. We will assist you from there.

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